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About The Julie Fund

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Who is Julie?

Julie Paige McAvinn passed away on February 25, 2004 at the young age of 40. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November 2003 and died three months later.

Julie’s life was short, but she lived it fully. She was an avid runner, completing the Boston Marathon in 1999 for the Leukemia Team in Training. She loved to ski and travel, but most of all she enjoyed her family and friends. Julie touched many lives with her energy, compassion and generosity. She was always available to lend a helping hand.

Julie left behind her husband, Peter, and three children, Christopher, Paige and Jillian, who reside in Wellesley. Because Julie worked hard to give Christopher, Paige and Jillian a strong foundation in their lives, they are thriving today despite the devastating tragedy of their loss. They miss their mother terribly but remember the lessons she taught them and the constant love and affection she shared.

What is The Julie Fund?

The Julie Fund was established by Julie's family and friends in partnership with the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Partners Healthcare, a system of Massachusetts' leading academic medical centers and community hospitals. The Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center treats 7,000 new cancer patients each year. By working with the Mass General and the Partners Healthcare Network, The Julie Fund expects to impact three key areas relating to women's cancers:

1. Research
Funding of cancer research, including subsidizing the hiring of the most talented cancer research fellows and other major research-related expenses.

2. Patient/Family Support
Funding the additional non-medical expenses incurred by families of cancer patients. These include transportation, food, day care, temporary housing, and other exceptional expenses that are a result of cancer treatments.

3. Education
Funding educational programs for health care professionals and the general public in order to raise awareness of the symptoms of and treatments for women's cancers.

While the Julie Fund was established after her death in 2004, the idea for the fund was Julie’s. When she became ill in November and experienced the nightmare cancer patients face, she declared, "We must do something to help other people faced with this terrible situation." With your help through a donation to The Julie Fund her wish will come true.