Buy tickets to our Stay at Home event to fund care packages for our patients. Thanks to an early round of funding, we have ALREADY been able to put smiles on the faces of our patients.

Here is the early feedback:

* (from an MGH nurse): One patient cried before she even read the card and then cried again at how sweet the message was

* (from a patient): thank you for the Project HUG gift bags

* (from another patient & nurse): I felt really comforted by the care packages

These are patients who are not allowed to bring a friend or family member into chemo. Many of these women are attending for the first time – and they are alone.

Please help us send more care packages by purchasing tickets NOW for our Stay at Home event. Each ticket purchased sends FOUR (4) gift bags to patients. A TURBO ticket provides a grocery store gift card to a patient.

  • Ticket purchases entitle you to stay home and relax.  Enjoy time in your living room with your family. 
  • A $100 ticket ensures that FOUR women’s cancer patients will receive care packages that include fuzzy socks, Burt’s Bees lip balm, Eucerin hand cream and TAZO teas.
  • A $250 TURBO ticket provides a grocery store gift card to one of our patients.